We understand the complexities of choosing green sustainable packaging materials. With all the hype and conflicting numbers, it can be difficult to choose the right options for you.

You Have Questions?
What works? What is available? And, what are the options that will best fit my product lines?

We Have Answers.
We have compiled educational resources that offer insights, factual data, and a comprehensive evaluation of the options available today. These resources are designed to help you make an informed decision about how and what sustainable packaging options best fit your product needs.




Introduction to Express Tubes

Business Considerations


State of the Environment

Sustainable Options


Consumers Driving Big Brands




Choose Green Checklist

The Choose Green Checklist provides you with guidance, as an easy to follow checklist to ensure the options you choose are measures against your business, product requirements, market goals and company needs.

This checklist will give you the confidence to make the best and most informed packaging decisions. Download your Choose Green Checklist Today!

ExpressTubes Press Release

Express Tubes Why Choose Green™ Website Launch Announced

When it comes to sustainable packaging options, there are more questions than answers. To bring information-based answers forward, Express Tubes is announcing the launch of a new Sustainable, Why Choose Green ™ Website.

Read the entire Press Release!




350 Million Tons Manufactured

30 Million Tons Recycled - According to this data site 18.1

237 Million Tons to Landfills- EPA 2019 -More than 267.8 million tons of MSW (52.1 percent) were landfilled – 19.2% plastics

14 Million Tons of Plastic to US Landfills [2017]

300 Million Tons of CO2 Emitted


58.6 Million Tons Manufactured

15.85 Million Tons Recycled (27%)

43.95 Million Tons to Landfills

19.9 Million Tons of CO2 Emitted


64.34 Million Tons Manufactured

48.2 Million Tons Recycled

2.7 Million Tons to Landfills

109.3 Million Tons of CO2 emitted


Recycling Facts from WM [Waste Management]

EPA 2019 Waste in the US

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